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Truck accidents that involve semi-trucks or tractor-trailers are some of the most serious motor vehicle accidents on the road in Wilkes-Barre. Area highways, including I-80, I-81, I-380, Route 309 and the Pennsylvania turnpike, are often crowded with large trucks traveling at high rates of speed. When a semi-truck collides with a car, the results can be devastating. The driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle can be left with severe injuries or possibly killed.

If you have been injured in a truck crash in Wilkes-Barre, you need an experienced truck accident attorney who can help you get the compensation you deserve to pay off your medical bills and get your life back on track. Contact a Distasio Kowalski attorney in Wilkes-Barre now at 570-970-5400.

Causes of Wilkes-Barre Truck Crashes

Truck driver error

Many truck crashes near Wilkes-Barre are caused by driver error. Speeding, tailgating, dangerous lane changes, driving under the influence, distracted driving, or drowsy driving can all be a form of negligent driving. Any form of distracted driving that causes a truck driver to take his or her eyes off the road, such as texting while driving or eating while driving, is extremely dangerous.

Although trucking regulations limit the number of hours truckers can be driving, some may choose to ignore those rules and pose a danger to others on the road around them. A truck driver may choose to falsify logs and not following the law or perhaps they are pressured by a trucking company to make deliveries on schedule, no matter what it takes. An experienced truck accident attorney can determine if trucking logs have been falsified and rules are broken. These are all common causes of Wilkes-Barre accidents and may be a need for a truck accident attorney.

Poor truck maintenance

Worn out tires or brakes or other maintenance issues can lead to a tire blow out or another dangerous situation that results in a truck crash. Trucking companies are responsible for regularly inspecting their trucks and performing the ongoing maintenance and repairs needed to keep all trucks running safely. There are many different types of trucks on Wilkes-Barre roads every day. In addition to semi-trucks and big rigs, we see garbage trucks, repair trucks, utility trucks, construction vehicles, hazardous material trucks, and more. It is imperative that they all be properly maintained for the safety of everyone on Wilkes-Barre roads.

Overloaded or improperly loaded trucks

There are numerous regulations regarding the size and weight of trucks on U.S. roads. This is due to the heavy size and danger of tractor-trailers and other big rigs. There are weight restrictions for safety reasons. When they are overloaded and become too heavy, or they are improperly loaded or not balanced properly, they pose a significant danger on Wilkes-Barre highways. When cargo shifts or is too heavy, the truck is in danger of tipping, rollover accidents, jackknifing, brake failure, and more. This can lead to a serious or possibly fatal truck crash. If you were injured in a crash of this type contact a truck accident attorney today.

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