The DKY Law Firm is dedicated to fostering a strong and vibrant local community. Our ongoing commitment to supporting community events and initiatives is a testament to our belief in giving back and making a positive impact. Recently, we have proudly sponsored several noteworthy events.

Supporting Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground Project

One of our recent contributions includes sponsorship of a Designer Purse Bingo fundraising event. This event will benefit the Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground Project, an inspiring initiative to provide all children with a place to learn and play together regardless of their abilities. The playground, designed to be accessible for children with cognitive or physical disabilities, such as autism and Down syndrome, offers a fun and inclusive environment where children of all capabilities can interact and enjoy themselves. We are honored to support such a vital project that promotes inclusivity and joy for all children in our community, and we hope you will join us in this important cause.

Supporting the Mission of The Lands at Hillside Farms

In addition to this, we have also extended our support as a Festival Friend Sponsor for community events presented by The Lands at Hillside Farms. The Lands at Hillside Farms is a non-profit educational dairy farm. Each year, The Lands welcomes thousands of regional students of all ages and means, allowing them to work side-by-side with educators and learn about science, agriculture, ecology, nutrition, land conservation, sustainable living, and more. By supporting The Lands, we are investing in the education and growth of future generations, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to lead sustainable and fulfilling lives.

Distasio, Kowalski & Yelen Law Firm: Community First

At DKY Law, we firmly believe that supporting our local community is a responsibility and a privilege. Our sponsorships and donations reflect our belief in the importance of community support. We are proud to stand behind initiatives like the Wilkes-Barre Special Needs Playground Project and The Lands at Hillside Farms, as they embody the values and goals we hold dear.

We look forward to continuing our support for community events and projects that make a difference. Together, we can build a brighter future for our community.