Industrial Injury Lawyers in Wilkes-Barre, Pa

Millions of workers are injured on the job in the United States every year and thousands are killed in fatal workplace accidents. In 2014, 4,679 workers were killed on the job, more than 13 worker deaths each day in this country. If you or a loved one have suffered a serious workplace injury in Pennsylvania or an injury involving an industrial machine, you need to contact an experienced lawyer for a complete evaluation of your case.

Falls, work-related transportation accidents and accidents involving industrial machinery can cause catastrophic and sometimes fatal injuries. Faulty equipment or industrial machinery in the workplace can result in injuries to workers, including electrocution, severe burns, amputation, brain and spinal cord injuries, severe crushing injuries, internal injuries or paralysis, among many other serious injuries. A serious industrial injury or other workplace injury can affect your life and also your family, so you need to act quickly to insure you get experienced legal representation to protect your best interests.

When a workplace accident involved a defective or dangerous piece of equipment or a third party, you may have a right to compensation beyond Workers’ Comp in the form of a third party lawsuit. Many people in Wilkes-Barre and throughout Pennsylvania work with industrial machinery, transportation equipment, construction equipment and other heavy equipment every day. It is the job of your employer to provide a safe work environment, and this includes safe equipment.

Industrial Machine & Equipment Defects

Defective machinery and equipment is a serious threat to workers. Defects and other safety problems can include improper safety measures, such as lack of safety guards and other shielding to protect a worker, defective shut off switches or lack of an emergency shut off, defective electrical system, wiring or grounding, defective parts and a lack of warnings about the dangers of the equipment.

Defective conveyor belts, scaffolding, power tools, cranes, and other heavy equipment can case serious injuries to Pennsylvania workers. When the equipment manufacturer or industrial machinery supplier is responsible for a defect that leads to an injury or a workplace fatality, it may be possible to file suit for additional compensation.

The Workplace Equipment Accident Lawyers at Distasio Kowalski Can Help

At Distasio Kowaslski, we take workplace injuries very seriously. We’ve seen the devastating results of serious construction and industrial accidents. It is our goal to best represent your interests and ensure you get the medical help and financial compensation to help you rebuild your life and move on. Workers’ Comp is not always enough to help you recover. We can help to determine if you are entitled to more, including compensation for pain and suffering, financial loss and emotional distress.

We know that severe workplace and industrial injuries are not only physically painful, but also emotionally painful and life altering. Severely injured workers and their families can face a lifetime of struggle. If you believe that defective industry equipment or machinery contributed to your accident at work, or to the death of a loved one, we will fight to get you the maximum compensation for your injuries.

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